Backup iPhone Options: There’s More Than One Way!

backup iphone

Backup iPhone

Hello there!

I am creating this blog because I am pretty tired of loving my iPhone, but hating iTunes!  I can’t believe that such a great product comes with such terrible software!  Unreal.  But thankfully there are more than a few excellent options for all situations when it comes to backing up your precious iphone!

I’m talking about things like;


  • iTunes Alternatives that will completely manage your iPhone much simpler than iTunes will.
  • Data Recovery options, in case you have lost any data from bad backups, iCloud mess ups or broken phones!
  • Data Transfer options to easily transfer data from your old phone to your new one, without much difficulty at all!

So stay tuned, cause you are going to love the options available to you!  Get prepared to say bye bye iTunes!  But in case you want Apple’s advice, here it is.